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June 20, 2020

St. Louis Breakdown by Oliver Sain ‎


St. Louis Breakdown by Oliver Sain ‎
St. Louis Breakdown
can be found on Oliver's 1972 debut album Main Man that was released on Abet. It is a heavy funk rap that features hardhitting drums, a greasy bass line, a hauting organ, a smooth saxophone solo and some rapping from the man himself.

Oliver Sain

Oliver Sain Jr. was an American saxophonist, songwriter, bandleader, drummer and record producer who was an important figure in the development of rhythm and blues music in St Louis, Missouri. He also founded his own recording studio, Archway, in St Louis in 1965, and recorded and produced artists such as the Montclairs and Julius Hemphill, Ike and Tina Turner, Johnnie Johnson, Fontella Bass and hundreds of other blues and R&B artists at his north-city studio. In 2003, Oliver recorded with St. Louis rapper Nelly.

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