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1979: rap changed the music scene forever

The most important year in the history of rap music was 1979. This year was a turning point in the music industry and rap music song revolutionized the music scene and introduced the world to rap. The most succesful rap song was of course Rapper's Delight by Sugerhill Gang. It was the first rap song to enter Billboard's Top 40 Chart. But Rapper's Delight wasn't the only rap single that was issued in 1979. More rap singles appeared in this year. Below you can find a list of rap singles that were released in 1979. 

1979 rap

Baya Latinos is a funky bilingual old school rap song by American rapper P.J. LaBoy. The song was one of the first Latin rap songs released.  

A Corona Jam is the first single by Ronnie G. & The S.M. Crew. The track came out in autumn 1979 on Reflection Records. This is the B-Side of Ron Hunts Spiderap wich have the same sample. old school disco rap.

King Tim III (Personality Jock) is a proto rap track by The Fatback Band (later, simply Fatback), an American funk and disco band. The title refers to vocalist Tim Washington a.k.a. King Tim III: a Harlem rapper who would perform while the Fatback Band broke down their equipment, entertaining the crowd.

Rapping Time by Canadian singer and rapper Mr. Q. The song was released in 1979 on D.K. Sounds as the b-side to his single Love & Time. Disco rap that features a sample from Second Time Around by Shalamar.

Rhymin' & Rappin' was the debut release by the sisters Paulette and Tanya Winley -the First Ladies of Hip Hop- and daughters of label and shop owner Paul and his wife Ann Winley. The funky track was one of the earliest examples of rap songs by women.

We Rap More Mellow by The Younger Generation was  recorded in October of 1979 at Delta Studios in New York City and released on Brass Records. Great disco rap with cowbell and hand claps.

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