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March 4, 2020

Rhymin' & Rappin' by Paulette and Tanya Winley

Rhymin' & Rappin' by Paulette and Tanya Winley
Rhymin' & Rappin' was the debut release by the sisters Paulette and Tanya Winley, daughters of label and shop owner Paul and his wife Ann Winley. The funky track was one of the earliest examples of rap songs by women.

Backed by the house band -The Harlem Underground Band- for Paul's record label Winley Records, on 125th Street in Harlem, the sisters rhymed over a funky and soulful groove. Rhymin' and Rappin’ was the result and the track was released in 1979 on his own label. The B-Side of this single featured mother Ann Winley's funk song Watch Dog.

Paul Winley told Red Bull Music Academy:
Then Tanya and my other daughter Paulette, they started hippin’ and hoppin’ and rhymin’ and rappin’ around the house, so I took them into the studio, and we did a thing called Rhymin’ and Rappin’
First Ladies of Hip Hop

Some seem to believe that Rhymin’ And Rappin’ actually came before Fatback's King Tim III (Personality Jock) and that this is the first rap record released, beating out Rapper’s Delight and King Tim III. The two proto rap tracks didn't attracted much attention. Rapper’s Delight stole the spotlight and became became the first commercially successful rap song and solidified hip-hop as a genre. But the Winley sisters  certainly were the First Ladies of Hip Hop.
Then they go on and on and on and on
And they're not ready to stop until the break of dawn

Winley Records

Winley Records wasn't the most commercial label and sometimes they made mistakes. The typesetter had misspelled the name of one of the two sisters as Tayya. But the label certainly had a nose for musical trends and talent and Rhymin’ and Rappin’ wasn't the only rap track by Winley Records. Winley was the first label to record Afrika Bambaataa and put together the breakbeat compilation with its unauthorized Super Disco Brake’s series.

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