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March 3, 2020

Enterprise by Runaways cast

Enterprise is an early rap song from 1978. It was part of a Broadway musical called Runaways that opened in New York City May 13, 1978 and was performed 261 times. The musical was written, composed, choreographed and directed by Elizabeth Swados. In 1978 the soundtrack also was released on vinyl.

Musical Rap

Runaways is musical portrait of kids that live on the edges of society and the musical tells the story of the lives of children who run away from home and live on the city streets. The characters were based on interviews with real-life runaway teens in New York City in the late 1970s. Runaways featured different musical styles from pop, jazz to reggae, and even hip hop and rap. The song Enterprise that was sung by Deidre, Nikki and Mex-Mongo, takes the spoken word and sets it to rhythm and It may well have been the first rap number on Broadway.

Source: Guide To Musical Theatre, Wikipedia
Source image: Wikipedia

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