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July 27, 2020

Smoke My Pipe (The Sign Ain't Right) by A. J. Rowe

Smoke My Pipe (The Sign Ain't Right) by A. J. Rowe
Smoke My Pipe (The Sign Ain't Right)
is a great wacky funky tale of abuse by A. J. Rowe. He recorded it in 1971 and it was issued on Cave. This is the only recording he made. 

Smoke My Pipe

Smoke My Pipe
is a strange track. As the story goes, A. J. Rowe, an elderly gentleman from Kansas City, saved up his money because he always wanted to make a record. He went to the studio that was located in an underground cave in Independence, Missouri. The studio provided the musicians to back up his bizarre rap, which involves various episodes of illness and a drunken shooting spree, always ending with him walking the floor and smoking his pipe.
I came this morning ‘bout half past four
My gal was standing in the bedroom door
I didn’t know hardly know what to say or do
She had a pocket knife and a pistol too.
I just walked the floor and I smoked my pipe
A. J. Rowe

Allen Jefferson Rowe had several children. His daughters (Bobbie, Joyce, Arvanna, Brenda and Nonnie) were in a group called The Rowe Sisters. A. J. Rowe has passed on, many years ago.
Below you can listen to Smoke my Pipe parts 1 and 2. The backing is straight funk with guitar, bass and drums and A. J. Rowe rapping.

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